Who are We?

We are a service design agency who work with organisations to create simple and inclusive services. We bring a human-centred approach with a commitment to delivering lasting, positive change.

A black box opening up to show different parts of Social Origin’s design process

What do we mean by service design?

Services are a part of our everyday lives, but we don’t always see them.

They can take many different forms; from routine interactions with government (such as renewing your driving licence), through to a university providing legal support to its research community.

Service design is a way of thinking about a service from the perspective of the people who use it.

It will help you understand how best to bring together your people, processes and technology to deliver services that are simple and effective.

A designer sketches an idea on a whiteboard whilst a colleague listens on

What do we do?

When an organisation needs to adapt their services to meet people’s needs, we help them do so successfully.

It’s about understanding the people who use the services, and the people who deliver them.

So we work openly and collaboratively, co-designing with customers, staff and partners.

We put people’s needs at the heart of our design process, challenging our clients to take a new perspective and rethink their service, outcome first.

A father and daughter have a conversation on a bus

Who do we work with?

Our clients are in the Public Sector, Third Sector and Higher Education.

Whether they need our support with services for their customers or internal staff functions like finance and HR, whether they want to transform their existing services or launch entirely new ones, we’re here to help.

The stakes are high: our clients include world-renowned universities whose reputation is built on successful service provision, and government departments whose services are fundamental to people’s lives.

A group of students discuss ideas whilst moving between lectures