Our Approach


We will partner with you and help you achieve your goals through our collaborative design approach. Over the years we have developed an approach that blends different disciplines together but remains fundamentally human-centred.

To support this we have a set of tools and techniques that can be adapted to different contexts and needs. Our approach sets out a broad series of steps that we use to facilitate collaboration across you, your users and partners. We use this to guide our work and ensure we can navigate complex environments and ask the right questions along the way.


The first and most important step: an exploratory phase where we develop an understanding of how your services work today and discover the lived experience of your staff, users and partners. We use the insights generated to build a shared understanding of what problems exist and where there are opportunities to do things differently.


We identify, develop and test potential solutions that address the problem(s) identified and help you move towards to the changes you want to achieve. We fuse a rich mix of perspectives by collaborating with your users, partners and your teams to iteratively visualize, develop and test potential solutions.


We study what we have learnt and develop a plan to implement promising solutions. We start small, measure the impact and scale over time to build confidence that solutions give rise to the changes intended and achieve your goals.